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Posted on 17 Jul 2020

Hoa Phat's Blast Furnace Resumes Normal Operations

Hoa Phat Group’s blast furnace at its Dung Quat plant in Quang Ngai province is operating normally, Kallanish notes.

The furnace has completely restored its design capacity of 3,500 tonnes/day of hot metal, Hoa Phat announced on Thursday. A fire broke out after molten iron from the company’s No.1 blast furnace accidently spilled out and ignited an hydraulic oil supply station last Saturday.

A company official describes the fire as a “…small incident.” Other production areas were not affected, nor were any injuries reported. The blast furnace resumed operations on Tuesday to reach its rated capacity two days later. The steel complex is now producing around 8,000 t/day of billet which will go to meet demand for billet and finished products, the company says. 

Hoa Phat Group has set a target to produce 3.6 million t/year of steel products this year. When the four blast furnaces at Dung Quat are put into operation in 2021, the plant's combined steel production capacity will be around 4m t/y.