Past Events

[TEST] 2022 SEAISI Steel Mega Event & Expo

SEAISI's First In-Person and the Largest Networking Event ever Post COVID LockdownsSEAISI, the first time, is organizing the largest networking event ever in November 2022, which consists of three key focus areas driving the development of steel industry. SEAISI has been promoting the introduction of advanced technology to improve productivity, to reduce production costs and to develop new quality products within the ASEAN region. Be part of us to promote your technology and knowledge!We recently have cooperation with global organizations promoting the improvement of environmental management for the best performance of steel industry to serve green products with clean environment to the market. With this, we invite your prestigious and forward-looking companies to join us to share your knowledge on how to produce steel in the current sustainability focused environment. Why are we concerning the construction sector much? This is because from our study, over 70% of steel demand in ASEAN is to serve construction sector. Many more developers, steel producers and construction related organizations are joining us to promote technologies and sharing how you successfully implement all sorts of techniques into the development of construction sectors. Let the steel industry learn from you!Come to join us to meet potential customers to learn and share your knowhow and be part of us to develop the ASEAN steel industry with your own technologies, products and services!